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Login screen not working

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I am unable to login to enter the tournament even though I'm sure I'm entering my login correctly. It keeps resetting to the login screen. Is anyone else having this issue? Should I reset my password or is it a website issue? I've used the password for over two years and I'm confident I'm entering it correctly. Thanks, Jamie
asked 6 years ago in Website issues by jamiealb Word Enthusiast (650 points)

2 Answers

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Yes, I am having the same issue on my iPhone. It happened when I upgraded to iOS7. I'll enter my username and password on the login screen, and when I hit enter, it just shows the login screen again. I don't have this issue on my laptop, just on my phone.

mom2boys3girls is having the same problem as well.
answered 6 years ago by smallfry777 Word Freak (2,820 points)
Yes I too am having the very same issue.
I'm having the same problem on my iPad with IOS7.
Same issue here- absolutely cannot log in from my phone now. Makes it difficult to report scores if you're not home with access to your computer.
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There have been reports of IOS7 issues. We're investigating but as of yet have not found the source of the problem.
answered 6 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
Could admin post a note about this on the news page so our opponents understand when we ask them to post a score? Also, any progress on how to fix the glitch? Thanks so much!

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