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Opponent is dragging out daily game then posting score when in the lead.

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My opponent, AzzrocK, who seems to have a history of this type of behavior judging from his/her results page, has dragged our daily game out to 4 days. They posted a partial score which gives them the win. I sent him a text about it 8 hours ago to which he did not reply and he has not played a word since posting the score. I can provide screenshots showing gaps of 17-18 hours. I don't care if I get beat fair and square, but one can at least finish the game before claiming victory with a partial score.
asked 7 years ago in Daily by Word Freak (2,180 points)
Never mind...the game is finally completed, point made, point taken, move on.

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Glad the game was finished.
answered 7 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)

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