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How do you delete old games on words with friends

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I can't delete old games from my iphone 4. How do you do that?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous
Swipe does not delete the old games that are over what next
I have iPad.since upgrading,  cannot delete od games.help! Jan.20th2013
Same problem here. Unable to delete old games since update to iPad 01-20-13.
Real pain. Hope they fix it.
Same problem here. Unable to delete old games since update 13-01-20.
same here even old games that i did delete are back cannot swipe to delete since upgrade
I am having the same problem!!!!
Me too!  Just happened a few days ago.  Support has not emailed with an answer.
Same here. Haven't been able to use the swipe in the past few days! I've emailed support but no answer.
just swiped on the old game to the right on my i phone 4 and delete icon appeared
just touch it and they are gone
How do I get rid of games not being used and also old games on words with friends.
Hold your finger on the photo of the game you are deleting and a red delete box will pop up.  It didn't work for me to swipe it. Just hold your finger on the pix.
Cannot delete old games in iPad that say"their move.it is supposed to just automatically delete after 9 days?. This is frustrating as I pd to get rid of adds.big problem deleting old games.taking up space for new player.help!
have the iphone5s and can not delete old games on WTP Free. How do you delete them?
I have the same problem with my phone. I can't delete the old games unless I rematch. The only thing I know to do is start a new game and then resign the game on my iPad. I hate that! Apple needs to fix it.
Thank you! I have a new windows 4 phone. Just HOLD your finger on the game you want to delete in the games over section. A red box shows up on the tile letter - delete. Press the red box and the game disappears. I started from the bottom and worked my way to the top. IT WORKED!!!!
Swiping the listing of the game works.  I just did it on my ipad
Swyping to the right worked perfectly! Thank you!
Same problem cannot delete , & cannot start any more new games as I have to many going. The people I play have not played in 8 days. So  help
Slide your finger on the right side of the entry that shows the completed game you want to delete.  The red delete box will appear.
I have unfinished games that I can not delete.  I just want to get them off the screen!  How can this be done?  I am playing on an iPad.  I can't start new games because the old unfinished games cause a message to appear, Too Many Games Being Played.
Maybe if you deleted the app, and then reloaded it.
I have a game that I lost  for 65days and can't get rid of it what do I do?
To delete games that have been started, go to the bottom of the page where it says more with an arrow click and click resign, then swipe the name box an delete appears, then click delete.
I have the same problem, can't get rid four games tat have not been played in eight days
On the iPad mini swipe from right to left  and the delete box will appear.    The iPod and most phones you have to swipe opposite way - left to right
Swipe to the right and then to the left without raising your finger. Delete appears. What an unnecessary change that was.
Thanks!!! that works. agree unnecessary change!
I have reached the maximum games and wish to delete some games so I have room for new games.  Why is this so dificult.

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Old games fall off as new games are played. If you're tired of seeing an old score then play a new game (or 2 or 3 or more) and knock that old game off of  the list.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)
I hope someone reads this.inhave a game on my iPad for7 days. It's my turn. It's so corrupted,if I open it it causes problems with my i pad..I have 14 games with him and everyone ok. It takes all the games with everone over the last month,and you have to delete them again.it takes  over2 minutes for wwf, to even open up.will it go away after 13 days.its on my move...
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You swipe across the game to the right and delete pops up!
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
but the games must be either lost/won before you can do this, active games cannot be deleted ..
How do you delete active games ?
how do you delete a game thats you declined? nothing works
I thought after 7 days of no activity from the opponent the system erases the game?  That is not happening and I have several opponents that are not being dropped by the system and this is preventing me from playing new games - very frustrating.  Wwf should allow all players to resign a game when ever they want to.
I'm having the same problem!! I can't start new games because
thank you, thank you, thank you for your answer.  I never would have thought that swiping  on the right side of the game would/could bring up the delete box, but it does!  great tip!
I have too many games going with one person and that will not let me play with others. How do I delete some of these games?
Since the recent update, swiping doesn't work and delete doesn't appear.  Is anyone else having trouble deleting games since the most recent update in the last few days.
Swiping doesn't work since the last updating.. Neither does holding down on the closed game.  Why cant they leave well enough alone :(
I just updated and now all old games that I deleted have shown up again and will not delete!  Help!  I can't stand being reminded of all the games I lost!
Yes, I can not delete old games that have been played.  What am I doing wrong
Same for me on the Ipad. The last 10 game is played and had deleted are now back in the list of finished gameS and I can't delete.  Fine on IPhone.
Yup!  Doesn't work since the update a few days ago!  What a royal pain!!!
I am having same trouble since last update
Me too, same problem on ipad mini -  swipe is not activating the delete option. I've reported it & just hope that the next update is soon & that it includes this fix as it's just soooo annoying
I cannot use the delete prompt since I have updated.  Am I doing something wrong
Same here, stupid update!
Cannot delete old games on words with friend
Having the same problem with iPad 3.  Cannot delete old games.  Hope this is fixed with another update.
I, too, cannot delete finished Words with Friends games. Swiping resulting with the word 'Delete' appearing stopped working about a week or two ago. I have multiple games sitting with no way of getting rid of them. Issue is just on iPad. Strangely enough it isn't a problem on my iPhone.
I can't delete old games on apple IPad. Asked for help from support , but still can't resolve problem.
Still can't delete old games on words with friends swiping doesn't work and delete doesn't show up
how to remove old games under their move
I received an answer from Zynga. Nothing they said to do (swiping, holding for a delete button) worked, including force closing the app. I have an iPad 3.
I just solved this problem myself. Click on games. Go down to the LIST of closed games. Swipe from left to right on each entry and the delete button comes up. Click delete and VOILA! They disappear, at least on the iPad3 it works!!
Great and totaly non-intuitive.  Zinga, you are losing reputation and revenue from this clumsy unneeded change!
Great and totaly non-intuitive.  Zinga, you are losing reputation and revenue from this clumsy unneeded change!
You have to swipe the opposite way!  Swipe from right to left then delete box comes up
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answered 7 years ago by anonymous
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in previous versions of words with friends, a game was deleted by swiping from left to right - now you have to swipe game from right to left 


answered 7 years ago by anonymous
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With the 2014 upgrade you have to swipe the tile to the left to get the red delete button.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous

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